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Total Focus Training

As a new and innovative training organisation Total Focus brings you the very latest and most effective techniques from a variety of training methods and ten years experience of working as a trainer and delivering training programmes. These range from half day workshops, bespoke training designed for your business or organisation through to approved FETAC modules. All our training is designed to support you in developing the strengths you already possess in order to reach your full potential. For more information on training 

Total Focus Coaching

As a new and innovative Coaching and Training organisation Total Focus brings you the very latest and most effective techniques from a variety of training and coaching development arenas to support you in developing your skills and strengths

At Total Focus we firmly believe that YOU, and only you, have both the solutions and power within to create and live the life you desire. Our job is to help you uncover these hidden resources. To help you develop these tools we…

  • Encourage you to examine your life and identify any areas that need more balance.
  • Challenge you to decide what you really want from your life, for you, your family and your loved ones. We challenge you to identify what success means to you and discover what you really want from your career and personal life.
  • Explore with you how to set better goals and explain how to bring these goals to life so that you truly desire them and are highly motivated to achieve them.
  • Work with you to move your thinking away from the obstacles and problems that block you and towards your strengths and the solutions that will help you move on…
Our professional Life and Business Coaches will also:

  • Examine with you ways of making positive, quick changes in your life to bring out the best
    in you in the shortest time possible.
  • Plan with you ways to step outside your comfort zones
  • Remind you that life is for living and that this is not a dress rehearsal.

But it is not all work, and we at Total Focus believe that you have to have fun and enjoy your life, on the way to achieving your goals. As the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack / Jill a dull boy / girl”, so we help find ways for you to incorporate romance, fun, and on occasion even love in your daily routine. We are very aware that sometimes the most important thing you need in life is a good sense of humour and the ability to lighten up!

Yes, you need goals!

Yes, you need to be motivated and challenged!

Yes, it is good to be ambitious but it is even more important to learn how to live your life now and not always in the future!

Mission, Vision and Values


Vision Statement

Total Focus encourages adults to realise their own personal and professional potential through their own learning and development   

Mission Statement

Total Focus believes in supporting individuals, teams and organisations in challenging environments to develop knowledge, skills and new ways of thinking. We do this through training, facilitation and coaching.


YOU are valued at all time YOU are at Total Focus


Training & Development

Maeve Finch of Total Focus is a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD)

Life & Business Coaching

Maeve Finch of Total Focus is a master coach with the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland (LBCAI)

QQI Registered Provider

Total Focus is a QQI Registered Provider

Supervisors Association of Ireland

Maeve Finch of Total Focus is a recognised supervisor with the Supervisors Association of Ireland (SAI)